Guitar Boy Studios is a fully digital facility utilizing the latest current equipment and software.

Sonar X2 DAW

ADK Pro Audio computers

Motu HD 192khz  & 2480 MK3 96khz IO's

20 Simultaneous inputs with unlimited tracks in Sonar

Adam Audio monitors including, S3X-H mains, A7, A5 nearfield monitors,  Mackie HR824, & Avantone mixcubes.

Wave Lab 7 mastering system

50 microphones from Neuman, to Octavia to Shure

Complete suite of  Waves audio effects plugins

Cakewalk effect plugins

TC Electronics Powercore effect plugins and many many more.

Extensive Midi software from Dimension Pro to Arturia

 Focusrite, Avalon, Teletronix, & TC Helicon Vocal preamps and compressors, DBX

Guitar outboard gear & processors include:

Mesa Boogie Triaxis, Engl 570, Rocktron Prophesy II, Eventide DSP 7000 Ultra Harmonizer, DigiDesign Eleven Rack,  Lexicon PCM, & TC 2290 Delay system. Roland delays, and many more.

And pretty much any foot stomp pedal you can think of.

Marshall, Vox, & Fender Amps

Ibanez GK synthesizer guitar with GK-20-IO and GR-33 system, and the latest Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 system.

Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Rickenbacker, McPherson, and many other guitars.

Software Synthesizers:

Dimension Pro

Arturia Brass 2.0

Session Drummer III

Kore II

& many more


Roland TD-20 full electronic kit

Recording services include:

20 track real time recording, with unlimited overdub capability. up to 192khz

Standard 96khz recording and mixing

Mixing and Mastering Services include:

Unlimited track mixing with Sonar X2

Mastering with Wave Lab 7

Disc duplicating

Disc graphic printing

Midi Editing.

Expert midi track editing with Sonar X2

Vinyl to digital and Cassette to digital